Where Do You Go

by Drew Taylor



Where do you go
When you’re feeling low
When the sky falls down
And you’re the only one around
When the seas are crashing
When the tides are low
And when the stars glow
Tell me where do you go?

Then you’re wading by my side
Now there’s nowhere to hide
Fire is falling from the sky
And you know
Now we’re wasting no more time

If you dream, Dream out loud
And you will see
That you can be anything
How many times
Should I rhyme
To make you believe
You’re the one for me

Then you’re right by my side
No more waiting for a sign
You can dream if you want to dream
You can be what you want to be
Long as you’ll stay right with me

How many days
Should it take
For you to believe
It’s the only way, the only way
But should I make
This mistake?
Could this be
The end of me?


released 20 March 2014



all rights reserved


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